JadeSea Journeys

Fishing Trips


Whether the avid professional or amateur angler, we welcome you to experience fishing in Lake Turkana, which is the largest desert lake in the world. This expansive water body is locally called Anam Ka'alokol meaning 'Sea of many Fish,' but is also known as the Jade Sea because to its jade green colour caused by abundant algal growth that makes it a prime fishery habitat to several species of fish.

We provide a variety of fishing excursion itineraries that allow you to have a wholesome experience as you hunt for Nile Perch, Tilapia and Tiger fish, but also make itineraries based on your aspirations, building a flexible adventure safari that births a magical experience.

We have a customized 30 foot "Azores" canoe with a canopy for trolling on the lake and use other Azores canoes or our "Mako" 22 foot speed boats powered with 200HP engines to transfer you from the base to the fishing area.

We advise guests to bring their own fishing equipment for the optimal fishing experience. However we have fishing tackle that comprises Shimano TLD trolling and casting rods, equipped with Shimano TLD 20 and 25 reels, with a choice of lures, although we use mainly a Rapala Magnum 18cm.